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Just one Flash   instructor: don menges -

                                                          (partner - Image City Photography Gallery)

You cannot believe all the stuff you can do with just one flash! Join Don Menges as he starts from scratch and covers everything you need to know to get the kind of images you’ve always dreamed of when using your speedlite flash. You’ve got to embrace your flash, and in this class Don shares all the things he’s learned over time to teach you the settings to use, how to control your flash wirelessly, how to diffuse the light, and how to do it all with a small investment. This class contains a live, “studio” shoot that demonstrates how to put all of these concepts and equipment to work for you, both indoors and out. Your flash is a great instrument, and with the right settings, the right accessories, and the right attitude you will find it a tool you cannot go without.


• Introduction

• Wireless Systems

• Camera Settings

• Diffusing the Light

• Using a Softbox

• Studio Shooting

• On Location Settings

• Conclusion

No equipment is needed for the class. If you want to continue, you will need the following….

Equipment (minimum)

A Speedlite $40-$500

Wireless Transmitter

$20-$300 ($80)

Diffuser $20

Equipment (optional)

Light Stand(s) $15-$60


Speedlite Light Stand

Mount - $12

Light Stand Clamp - $15

Softbox - $39 - $300


Date and Time: Saturday, April 8, 2017 ( 9-12pm)


Saturday, May 27, 2017 (9-12pm)

Tuition: $45

To enroll call Julie at Gallery 96 at: 585-248-8128.

Location: Gallery 96




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