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photography potpourri  instructor: bruno chalifour 

               fine art photography consultant - art historian and critic


Bruno Chalifour is offering several two-hour workshops on various photography topics. Each class will run from 7pm-9pm. The topics and dates are listed below. The tuition for each two-hour session is $45.

Location: Gallery 96

Call Julie Jackson at 248-8128 to enroll


Seeing Photographs

 Photography is about vision, having a fast response to a scene and then organizing the frame in an esthetic and meaningful way. Taking famous examples in painting, cinema, and photography, we will analyze them and probe what motivated the author, how they organized the scene and why they are successful.

Tuesday, April 4th  7-9pm


Monday, May 15th  7-9pm


Street Photography

What is street photography? Who are the great street photographers? How did they work? What about street photography today?

Tuesday, April 11th 7-9pm


Wednesday, May 17th 7-9pm


Seeing Landscapes I

Looking at the evolution of landscape photography since WW II to gain an understanding of contemporary landscape photography and improve one’s photographs. Participants may bring three examples of their work for critique.

Tuesday, April 18th 7-9pm


Thursday, May 18th 7-9pm


Seeing Landscapes II

This is a hands-on workshop. After introductions and examples, participants will photograph in nearby Horizon Hill Park followed by review and critique of the work.

Saturday, April 15th  2-4pm


Saturday, June 3rd  2-4pm 


My DSLR/digital Camera

Choosing and using a digital camera can be mystifying. This session will answer questions about various types of camera, RAW v. JPG, color balance, etc.

Tuesday, May 2nd  7-9pm

Date and Time: As listed above

Tuition: $45 per 2hr session

Limit: 5 Students.

Location: Gallery 96

Call Julie Jackson at 248-8128 to enroll

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