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 Jerome Kaye

Susan and Jerome Kaye have shared common interests for many years. They first started working together as researchers in cellular and molecular biology and then as photographers. Their professional work studying cell structure using microscope techniques brought a visual pleasure that is not very different from the enjoyment of photography, the arts and architecture. They spent several years photographing Romanesque and Gothic churches in France and more recently, have been exploring ways to combine photography and the power of the computer to produce new ways at looking at the world around us.


Jerome creates his “Freeforms” from digital photographs which he compresses repeatedly in one dimension using the computer to produce a canvas comprised of a series of linear elements. Each element is a copy of the photograph in which the scene is no longer recognizable but which nevertheless retains the original color information. He then manipulates the resulting canvas to create abstract images with textures, colors and shapes that have no parallel in the real world.



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