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 Paul Zachman

I have always been an observer of the built environment, gravitating in that direction through my work in designing and building unique outdoor structures and architectural features. I am drawn toward the urban environment and the contrast between historic and modern buildings


My interest in photography developed over the years as I captured images of my work, building an image portfolio for my company. I have started to devote more time to fine art photography … Particularly black and white photography.


I am a lifelong Rochester area resident currently residing in the Village of Pittsford. I have served as Chair on the Village Architectural and Preservation Review Board for the last eight years. I hold a degree in Ornamental Horticulture and my early career was in Landscape Design.






 Noirchitecture Series 

This series explores the interesting relationship of geometry, negative space, light play, patterns, and form, as viewed from a wide-angle perspective, looking up. Often juxtaposing modern and historic form the images are captured, hand held, as I walk through the downtown urban environment; Sort of architectural street photography if you will. The black and white format strips away distraction and highlights form and composition. The dark contrast and pure black create a moody noire tension that seems to fit the subject

-the current exhibition features downtown Rochester.


PZ Pics-1.jpg
PZ Pics-3.jpg
PZ Pics-5.jpg
PZ Pics-8.jpg


 Entropy Series

–The gradual decline into disorder

There are many photographers that explore decay, and my Entropy series follows along that line of exploration. What I look for are once proud homes that, unspoiled by modern change that has stripped away the original character and beauty, have inexplicably been left on their own to one day collapse to the ground. These structures, captured by opportunistic untended trees that cage them and seem to say do not disturb... 

artist statement

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